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Restored 1962 Corvette Revealed on Fourth Anniversary of Museum Sinkhole

Four years ago, Corvette enthusiasts across the globe held a collective gasp (and in some cases shed tears) when news broke that a 65 foot by 45 foot sinkhole had opened inside the Skydome of the National Corvette Museum, taking eight prized cars with it. Continuing to make lemonade, today the Museum revealed the restored …

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Restored 1962 Corvette to be Revealed on 4th Anniversary of Sinkhole

Nearly four years ago many Corvette enthusiasts across the globe woke up to some startling news. A massive sinkhole had opened inside the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky – taking eight Corvettes into its depths. What could have been a roadblock for the Museum turned into more of a speed bump as the …

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Visitors Can Watch the 1962 Corvette Restoration

It’s been some time since we’ve given you an update on the 1962 “sinkhole” Corvette, but work has been well underway since February to bring it back to the condition it was in when it was donated to the Museum. Daniel Decker, Museum Vehicle Maintenance and Preservation Coordinator, has been hard at work in the …

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